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если тут почитать про 6366 то это мало чем помогает ибо
из него вылазит 4 потока видел и звучек (зато похоже можно обратно чуть чуть видео отдать ..

так что похоже все на Altera сделано :-(



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пред пост это был я
вот тут чуть инфы добавилось

(Not Recommended for New Design)

RN6364E is a 4-Ch NTSC/PAL video decoder and encoder chip that supports 960H and D1 video decoding and encoding. Its functionality and feature set is similar to RN6366A but is in a lower pin count (100-pin) package and a smaller footprint. Offering four BT.656 and BT.1302 interface ports, it provides the interface flexibility to most of the video processor chips. Since 960H surveillance camera has been widely adopted, DVR product migration from D1 to 960H capability is accomplishable using RN6364E to replace the legacy popular 100-pin decoders incapable of 960H decoding.

PAL and NTSC decoder with automatic format detection
True 4-channel 960H video decoding with resolution greater than 650 TV lines (TVL)
960H video encoder with video DAC
5-ch audio input and 1-ch audio output
720H (D1) decoding format supported
Low-jitter PLL supporting and synchronizing all video, audio and data stream
Single 27MHz crystal or 27MHz/54MHz/108MHz clock input as system reference clock
Integrated video input anti-aliasing filters
54MHz video ADC sampling frequency for best 960H decoding quality
5-line adaptive combing for 2D artifact-free Y/C separation
Integrated Power On Reset (POR) circuit
1.8V and 3.3V power supplies
Industrial temperature range from -40°C to 85°C available
Co-layout with legacy QFP-100 D1 decoder chips

100-pin LQFP, 12mm x 12mm, 0.4mm Pitch


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